London Marathon


After running the Brighton Marathon 5 years ago I swore I would never do another one. So what the hell am I doing the London Marathon for?! I'm 5 years older, I've eaten a lot of cake and other not too healthy food in that time and 26.2 miles is still a very long way!

After watching last year's marathon a few of us felt quite inspired and galvanised into action by Sarah & Richard Burr (he was on GBBO in 2014) we put together a Bakers Dozen team. Almost all of us are raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. My mum trained there as a nurse and having been to visit it is an incredible place and I feel very proud that I am running for them. We spent an afternoon on the kidney dialysis ward with some young kids who have to come in 3 times a week and be plugged into the dialysis machines for 4 hours. During that time they have to sit or lie in bed whilst their blood is cleaned. As the dad of 2 young kids I struggle to get them to sit still for 4 minutes but this was where the real magic of Great Ormond Street came in. Somehow, the nurses and other staff there managed to keep the kids happy, I mean genuinely happy whilst they were being treeated.

As I was running along today it occurred to me that although I was in pain whilst running along, I was doing it through choice. Also it would 'only' last a couple of hours. It would soon be over and sure, although my legs were sore, within a couple of days they would be better again. My pain was nothing compared to going into hospital 3 times a week, week in, week out and that's before you talk about all the other issues involved with kidney disease. Kidney disease is a really tough deal - and that's just one of many complex problems they sort out at GOSH.

So, if you are reading this I would really appreciate a bit of sponsorship for my marathon efforts for Great Ormond Street Hospital. If you follow this link here you should be able to donate -

Many thanks,